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Play as Tim or Kym through 5 levels

Graphics rendered through fast blitting process

Custom level editor makes placing graphics easy

Rendering viewport size & scale modified with ease

Educational platform game for The British Heart Foundation and QUIT that teaches children the harmful effects of smoking through a unique experience.

Responsible for building custom level editor & game graphics rendering

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Nature on demand - 26,000+ hours of wildlife programming

Javascript/Flash integration for video player

Website by Bloc Media providing simple search access to wildlife archives of ITV Studios - one of the world’s largest!

Video player integration - clips, longform, ad rules using Javascript & Flash

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Use materials to build 2-d shapes

Create tools very similar to Playstation game

User-created wallpaper

Website for carrying over the wonderfully unique personality of then soon-to-be-launched Playstation 3 game. "Create" tools were developed to let fans create and share wallpapers & embeddable sackboy widgets by the tens of thousands. Localised in 12 languages.

Developed Wallpaper & Widget Create tools

Sample video


Initial state of hand-textured globe

Areas darken as user data maps to a location

User manually spins globe and adds self to data

A global community project for EMI - with a two week deadline - using data from's API and fan-added information to show the diversity and geographical spread of the band's listeners. The new album was streamed while fan data was mapped to the hand-drawn textured 3d globe; visually evolving over time.

Lead Flash Developer

Sample video


Custom xml-based engine to run modules & quizzes

Videos of native French-speaker for mouths of characters

Heavy timeline-based animation management required

Each challenge requires a custom solution

23 bespoke animations, quizzes & interactive educational modules covering French & English topics for BBC's Bitesize program.

Lead Flash developer

Samples of French, English (Reading) and English (Writing)


Cat Bowling - released in 2002, yet still getting massive amount of plays

LepreKONG - released in 2002, still widespread on the web for some reason

Avalanche Anarchy web game in support of Playstation Motorstorm Arctic Edge release

Javascript/HTML integration with Flash - 2007 for new PSP

Collection of past projects over the last decade... or so