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WebGL Community Board highlighting local area

Environment changes based on weather conditions

Backbone JS based web app, with WebGL environment

Web Application running in store all day, every day

Kansas City is the first location in the USA to get Google Fiber broadband and they partnered with Starbucks to install it in one of their stores. Our contribution was a community board highlighting the local area using various APIs to gather data. This is a Backbone JS based application with a WebGL environment. UI and content elements are layered over the top of the 3D scene. This web application runs on a 65inch display from 5am to midnight every day in the Starbucks located at 41st and Main in Kansas City, MO.

Lead developer - Javascript

rehabstudio for Google and Starbucks

press: The Next Web

Pepsi Streets of Art

South America and Arabic targeted site for user generated art

User creates artwork in painting tool

Artwork is placed in scene in one of 12 Brazil locations

To celebrate football in Brazil, users are invited to create custom artwork to be overlaid on Google Street View scenes as if they were painted on the streets of Brazil

Developed 3D overlay and animation of the user created artwork to match the Google Street View scene. Javascript and canvas.

Pereira & O'Dell and rehabstudio for Pepsi


Game characters tied into TalkTalk's TV promotions

iOS and Android app with new levels every week

Competitions ran during the weekend broadcasts

iOS and Android app in support of TalkTalk and The X Factor. New levels released each week gave viewers chances to win tickets to a live show the next week. The game was downloaded over 60K times.

Lead developer - Flash and Adobe Air for iOS/Android

CHI & Partners and rehabstudio for TalkTalk

FWA MOBILE OF THE DAY 29th December, 2013
Featured on App Store under Best New Games

Case Study Video


A host video plays until the user blinks

Each blink switches to same word in script but new video

Short calibration process enables blinking setup

Blinking seamlessly changes between 20+ different videos using the same script

Lead developer and R&D for blink capturing solutions in JS & Flash

Mother NYC and rehabstudio for Virgin Mobile USA Youtube channel

FWA SITE OF THE DAY: 29th October, 2013

Google Think Insights "500K Pageviews in 1st week"

iD Gum Artcade

iOS, Android & web game hub for 18 games

18 designs are featured, playable game for each one

Scanned artwork unlocks games, combos and powerups

ArtCade is a desktop, mobile & tablet gaming platform that is "Kinda an art gallery. Kinda an arcade." iD gum packs have 18 unique pieces of art created by up-and-coming artists. By scanning the artwork on desktop or mobile app, games and powerups are unlocked. A flick of the switch turns the artwork into a game where players can play on their own or challenge friends.

Lead developer - Flash and Adobe Air for iOS/Android

Droga5 NYC and rehabstudio for iD Gum

FWA MOBILE OF THE DAY: 6th February, 2013
FWA SITE OF THE DAY: 6th February, 2013


Play as Tim or Kym through 5 levels

Graphics rendered through fast blitting process

Custom level editor makes placing graphics easy

Rendering viewport size & scale modified with ease

Educational platform game for The British Heart Foundation and QUIT that teaches children the harmful effects of smoking through a unique experience.

Responsible for building custom level editor & game graphics rendering

Play the game


Nature on demand - 26,000+ hours of wildlife programming

Javascript/Flash integration for video player

Website by Bloc Media providing simple search access to wildlife archives of ITV Studios - one of the world’s largest!

Video player integration - clips, longform, ad rules using Javascript & Flash


Use materials to build 2-d shapes

Create tools very similar to Playstation game

User-created wallpaper

Website for carrying over the wonderfully unique personality of then soon-to-be-launched Playstation 3 game. "Create" tools were developed to let fans create and share wallpapers & embeddable sackboy widgets by the tens of thousands. Localised in 12 languages.

Developed Wallpaper & Widget Create tools

Sample video


Initial state of hand-textured globe

Areas darken as user data maps to a location

User manually spins globe and adds self to data

A global community project for EMI - with a two week deadline - using data from's API and fan-added information to show the diversity and geographical spread of the band's listeners. The new album was streamed while fan data was mapped to the hand-drawn textured 3d globe; visually evolving over time.

Lead Flash Developer

Sample video


Custom xml-based engine to run modules & quizzes

Videos of native French-speaker for mouths of characters

Heavy timeline-based animation management required

Each challenge requires a custom solution

23 bespoke animations, quizzes & interactive educational modules covering French & English topics for BBC's Bitesize program.

Lead Flash developer

Samples of French, English (Reading) and English (Writing)


Cat Bowling - released in 2002, yet still getting massive amount of plays

LepreKONG - released in 2002, still widespread on the web for some reason

Avalanche Anarchy web game in support of Playstation Motorstorm Arctic Edge release

Javascript/HTML integration with Flash - 2007 for new PSP

Collection of past projects over the last decade... or so